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The exciting third book in this charming series of historical novels for children, Danny and Life on Bluff Point: Lost in the Dark sees the adventures continue for ten-year-old Danny in 1890s rural upstate New York. It's the winter of 1895 in Bluff Point, New York, and though chores and school continue, Danny manages to make time for fun. He and his family enjoy all that living in the country has to offer-ice skating, fishing, sledding, and even a winter party with friends and neighbors. Pa and Uncle Henry race their spirited teams and sleighs along the Ridge Road, and Danny is given his own small iceboat, one to be shared with Cousin Jay. One day while out on the iceboat, Danny fails to pay attention to where he is and how far out onto the lake he's gone. He spends a chilly, windless night alone on the ice of Keuka Lake. Cold and frightened, Danny chooses the wrong direction in the moonless night and walks further away from home. Can Danny find his way back before the winter wind turns even colder? Filled with wonderful, vivid details of late nineteenth century rural life, Danny and Life on Bluff Point: Lost in the Dark captures the innocence and warmth of days gone by.
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