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As I regained consciousness, I thought, "A bomb!" So begins the story of Ellen Bomer. The Al-Qaeda bombing of the US embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, left Ellen (code named Miss Gloria after the attack) trapped for hours under the wreckage. When finally rescued, she emerged into a new, dark, and frightening existence. The attack left her blind. In this life-changing book, you'll experience: • Ellen's journey through multiple surgeries and therapy in a struggle to adapt her sight-oriented mind to her sightless body. • Her participation in television and print interviews, sharing her story and raising awareness about the needs of and resources for the blind. • The trial of the terrorists as Ellen seeks to find strength to forgive. • Ellen's great surprise when shortly after the attack, at the age of fifty-four, she took on the role of mom again-of her sweet infant granddaughter Allie. • Ellen's determination to not let her blindness keep her from giving the best care to Allie. • The hand of God touching every moment of Ellen's life with His comfort and loving presence. A book that will inspire and challenge, "Miss Gloria" is a can't miss for anyone who struggles with life's great challenges.
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