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The Nonpartisan League Leader was the voice of the Nonpartisan League. The League was able to push for important social changes in the political arena and within the agrarian society of the time. The League challenged the political structure and championed the farmers' causes. The Nonpartisan League Leader embraced the ideals of the Progressive Era such as better public services, health services, and public education. The Leader quickly became the center of controversy. By developing a medium that exposed the corruption and abuse of power by those in control of the legislature, and economic institutions, the Nonpartisan League sought to convince its constituency that change was necessary and desirable. The Nonpartisan League mobilized actors who fashioned new meanings out of the policies created by the dominating elite. The meanings of the policies of the elite structure directly affected the North Dakota farmer such as political and causal responsibility. The opposing forces saw the reframing of issues as an attack on the status quo and attempted to control the interpretation of key events through their own media sources.
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