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to the new girl sound advice for my former husband s wife or mistress выбирайте по лучшей цене

CHARACTERS (AND AGES): ZOE (LATE TWENTIES): A young lady in a kinky relationship finds out that there's more than one woman in her town willing to diaper a grown man. MIRIAM (OVER FIFTY): A Jewish grandmother finds out at Passover that her husband has fallen in love and is getting married to a Catholic girl he met on a business trip BETHANY (THIRTIES): A "good Christian girl" discovers her pastor husband's love for a man could threaten his televangelism career. SHEILA (FORTIES): A woman who is unable to conceive her husband's child finds out that his mistress is pregnant with twins. FAYE (LATE TEENS): The naive wife of a felon writes his new girlfriend to ask for her engagement ring back...or else. ALEXIS (FORTIES): A woman with a waning sense of self tells her daughter's nanny that her husband's advances are all a part of her household responsibilities. KAREN (THIRTIES): A teacher tells the student who is sleeping with her husband how (and why) she should make his favorite pork chops. MELANIE (THIRTIES): Wielding a meat cleaver, Melanie warns her abusive husband's mistress to stay far, far away from her. ELISSA (EARLY TWENTIES): Her husband's old flame threatened the sanctity of her home and marriage to the point of no return. HARRIET (OVER SIXTY): Recounts the story of her marriage to a woman in a nursing home who is in love with her severely ailing husband. SETTING: The time and place where people become unfaithful.
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